Raintree for Kids!

  Raintree for Kids!

We aim to make the dental visit a positive experience for your little ones. We take a gentle approach – suited to the age of the child – to leave them with a happy impression of their visit to the dentist.

The kids corner in our waiting area, in-chair and in-ceiling video screens, and selection of animated movies are a hit with our young (and even not-so-young) patients!

Talk to us about how to help your child form good dental hygiene habits from an early age, and how to prepare them for their first visit to the dentist. We can also help with braces for your growing child.

Some frequently asked questions are:

When should I schedule my child’s first dental visit?

We recommend making the first appointment for your child as soon as his/her first tooth emerges, or around their first birthday.

This visit is an opportunity to discuss how to care for your infant’s oral hygiene and help your little one form healthy dental habits as he or she grows. Typically, kids will be ready for a full dental check-up and clean from about two to three years old.

Schedule the appointment for a time of day when your child is usually in a good mood – playtime and after their nap rather than just before. Feel free to include other main caregivers besides the parents, such as a helper or a grandparent, who should also be aware of how to care for your child’s oral health.

What should we expect during the visit?

During a young child’s initial check-up, we will count his/her teeth, help to reinforce positive dental habits in a fun way, and generally aim for a light-hearted introduction to the idea of a dental visit. We will also discuss tips on managing your child’s diet (this is where it’s so important to involve other caregivers), instilling healthy dental habits at home, and other oral hygiene do’s and don’ts.

How should I prepare my kids for their first dental visit?

Books, made-up stories, songs and games can all help put your child at ease with visiting the dentist.  For young children, parents can start by counting their child’s teeth aloud, explaining why dental visits are important and helping them understand what to expect during their first visit.

Avoid telling them “not to be scared,” as they will pick up on the implicit negative cue. Instead, couch it as a positive new experience that is part of caring for their growing set of teeth.


What books can I read my child to prepare him/her for the dental visit?

We like the following:

  • Going to the Dentist (Usborne First Experiences) by Anne Civardi
  • Dora the Explorer: Show Me Your Smile! A Visit To The Dentist by Christine Ricci and Robert Roper
  • Curious George Visits the Dentist by Margret and H. A. Rey

These are also available as read-along formats on Youtube.

Do you have any tips for getting my kids to brush their teeth at home?

At home, brush your own teeth WITH your kids. If your child watches you brush and floss your own teeth every day, cleaning their teeth becomes the norm. Those 3 minutes spent together are also another opportunity to bond with your child.

We also personally found the Philips Sonicare for Kids system (electric toothbrush + app) effective and engaging for our own kids.